KC Lazarus

KC Lazarus aka Invisible: shadows the meaning-The Message Beyond the MC.  "I want the messages of the songs to be in the forefront."  "It's not all about me."  "My desire is to encourage people to find their God given dreams and fulfill their destiny."  "So no matter where you come from or what you've been through-With God All Things Are Possible."  KC's music is not a message of perfection it's a message of grace, growth, and redemption.  KC Lazarus was born in CA but has lived most of his young adult life in NYC & the East Coast.  KC Lazarus started expressing his thoughts by writing poetry.  Some of his poetry topics included imagery from witnessing addiction, the absence of a biological parent, and the feelings of losing a close friend to gun violence.  His poetry writings were like a window to the world around him.  This provided an outlet to reflect, heal, and grow.  This is what later led to the music we hear today.  Influenced by Inspirational Hip-Hop with a touch of Soul, KC Lazarus captures and narrates songs that read like short vocal novels.  Journey with this artist that believes the fans are the real stars as he brings to life parts of his story and the stories of others in his newest album, "The Invisible Man."  This timeless piece of art shines with memorable hooks, heartfelt lyrics, reflective imagery, and poetic rhythmic punchlines that illuminate the messages of hope, forgiveness, encouragement, love, and redemption in the hearts of people everywhere.